Connect iphone to itunes with cable

If you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You can set it up so that it can back up your phone with one click when it's plugged in. It can also transfer your data between two different iPhones. If you're upgrading to a new version of the iPhone, it can transfer your data as well as your apps and preferred settings.

Share internet from iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, 7 Plus to PC with USB Cable

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  • How to Sync and Transfer Files From an iPhone to Your PC!
  • Grow Your Business Technology. Switching from Mac to PC: An icon is displayed denoting the type of iOS device you have connected.

    How to Sync iPhone to iTunes via USB and Wi-Fi - iMobie Help

    Click on the icon. This will display the detail specification of an iOS device and also shows the list of available content on PC that can be synced.

    Click on one of the categories you desire, and it will display all the syncable content under that domain. Tick mark the Sync checkbox at the top of the page for the category you desire to sync. Select the contents of the particular category that you wish to sync automatically by plugging your device into the system. You can repeat this for any type of content you wish to sync by simply clicking on another desired content type and setting syncing options for it.

    How To Sync Your iPhone With iTunes Wirelessly Over Wi-Fi

    Once you have managed to sync all the contents that you wanted, wait for the synching to complete. If you want iTunes to display the prompt before syncing devices, follow one of these steps. If you are tired of finding out the right cable to connect your iOS device to PC, there are ways to ease the syncing process through wireless operations. After the initial setup, you can have future wireless syncs over WiFi. Once the initial sync setup is completed, your future syncs will be carried over WiFi. Related Posts: Disable iTunes Helper to stop iTunes from opening automatically in Windows