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In addition to offering features like device booster and battery saver, Super Cleaner also offers a default app lock, letting you hide any of the apps you have on the device. This is an excellent privacy feature and goes beyond the photo hiding feature. The app also offers something known as Game Booster, allowing you to speed up load times of games while also freeing up some memory. Naturally, it also cleans up your cache and junk data, giving you the much needed free space on your phone. If you find that the CPU is overheating, the app allows the processor to cool down, ridding you of any unnecessary fears.

The app is compatible with devices running Android 4. Much like the app above, this app is free to download, but comes with ads. This is a small sacrifice to make given the kind of features the developers are offering here. This app offers the same functionality again , but comes with an intuitive UI, letting you feel that momentary sense of satisfaction when you clean up your device. This multi-task manager, which contains most of the necessary tools to speed up your device. Directly from the application, you can uninstall any unwanted applications, run anti-virus scan Full description.

Games Apps News. Share with friends. Compatibility check. Select your device Your android version 1. In the system settings press select the "About phone" option then check the number under "Android version". How to download. Select Your android version then click on the Blue button. The above has been tried and tested and has been verified 50 times. Never ever disable all of your startup items. Disable only those 'user' apps which are actually not required - May be restaurant, some payment gateway etc. Others do keep it. My android is automatically downloading stuffs on its own..

Just show all opened app, u'll see blank app close it everytime it occurs. I want to help others with the nightmare I had recently gone through. I did NOTHING to contract this virus, as it sent itself to my device, installed itself quietly and executed malicious code deep in the motherboard on my phone! Last Oct. I lost about 2 days trying to fix it.. Plus, it caused my phone to overheat, and when I'd been infected with Stage fright virus last Oct.

But to no avail. My carrier blamed Samsung, for not releasing the security update, so I called Samsung HQ and they blamed carrier! My carrier only released half the sec. Updates to half of their phone mine wasn't one so after wiping device, still had virus. Finally, after carrier reset my contract, sent back device then starting over with a new SS note 5, new email, no backup could be used due to infected contacts, security update finally released from carrier, was I able to be free of this.

The problems began when I downloaded CM! A lot of people rate apps right after installing, b4 problems begin. Just to acknowledge you for stepping up, DB!.. In sharing the details of your arduous journey, as I read negative reviews 1st, and then comments of what interests me in this case I'm making a decision for choosing an app for reducing the size of stored memory so the N4 will have room for apps to run. You've saved me time by adding a new expanded dimension of consideration..

Thank you.

Android Phone : How to Backup Application With Clean Master

The only app tlyou should have tried was Malwarebytes Malwarebytes foundem and destroyed them after Wich my phone ran like a dream again. I tried s of apps the only one that really worked was Malwarebytes Please checkout this awesome junk file clean App powered by Norton, https: I have a new phone now and I'm googleing one to put on this one. It would szy its overheating when id only just turned on the device, and had hardly any apps. It was ridiculous so I deleted it. I told the company but they never replied. Its a con. It warns you but theres nothing wrong I got sick if it.

I used to love Clean Master but lately it has become a real nuiscence. It constantly tells me I need things that I don't and I have come to realize it is a ploy to get you to look at their ads. I have used it for a really long time, through three devices and with a heavy sigh I finally uninstalled it today.

I know they have to make their money, I don't have a problem with that but lying to me to get those ads seen and interrupting me while trying to open apps as well as it changing my screen view in the process forcing me to answer to it every time I want to open and app and running in the background all the time has irritated me to the point of looking elsewhere for my tablet's needs. Such a shame too, it was a decent app once but with their popularity greed has also taken hold.

My phone never overheated until I installed Clean Master. It started getting so hot I feared it would catch fire, so I had to use the cooling function to stop the overheating it caused. I didn't see any performance boost on my Motorola Droid Razr HD which is basically a piece of crap after the first Android update and frequently found it smoking hot. I removed Clean Master and tried two other cleaners and guess what? Everytime I install a cleaner my phone overheats. Listen to the Android gurus that say never install a cleaner because they cause far worse problems than they solve.

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I just wish that Google would quit wrecking phones with updates. This is my second Android phone. Both that I had got worse and worse with each update. Quit fixing it until it doesn't work anymore, please. I like ccleaner on my computer but I was so disappointed on their mobile version. I doubt if it did remove my cache too. No one is mentioning the fact that clean master's back ground features can be shut down via the settings. I do this and I run it when I want to. Works fine. CCleaner is great This article seems to directly contradict a previous makeusof article warning against task killers and RAM boosters: Not at all, twodustyfeet.

If you read this article, Joel actually points out that RAM boosters and task killers are bad for you. None of the apps suggested here do that. And he has even linked to what you've pasted above in this article itself. From the user comments here it seems like CM Master is pretty much garbage which has made me decide to steer clear of it.

So for me my decision will be one of those other two apps. I've used CC on past PCs and liked it. Not many users here spoke much if any about this app and when they did they included no details only that it was good. The reviews on Play Store are the best out of all these apps. I like the features and there seems to be some that other apps don't offer.

Download Clean Master for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

And I really liked the dev feedback on Play Store. Aa for DU, I've never personally used any of their software or talked to any friends who have either. The other users here who talked about it seemed to have good things to say for the most part. Their reviews on PS were hit and miss with a lot of good but with a decent amount of bad too and a lot of the good seemed to come from 13 year old with one sentence or shorter comments.

The features seem good as well and it even has one or two that CC does not. That may not seem like a big issue but all of the other devs for these apps used proper grammar because they realize this is a business and you should carry yourself with professionalism in a business, when a company does not it makes me trust the seriousness less and makes me feel like it's a bunch of unexperienced teenagers running the company which doesn't fill me with much trust and faith in them and make me want to trust them with my system security and stabilization needs.

So, these are my views on these two apps at the moment but I would very much appreciate other users input on the subject so I can make a better informed decision on which all I use for my android system needs. This is my business phone so this is a very important topic for me as it does affect my ability to earn a living to the best of my ability. Sorry for being long-winded I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. Thank you all in advance for your time and any help you can give, they're both much appreciated. Clean Master is becoming too heavy handed and intrusive with the ads, I have clean Master and du booster and they constantly need cleaning, what's the point of cleaning out phone if 5 minutes later i still have the mb or so of junk or whatever either one cleaned out?

Then when i scan from either one then the other, they show different nimbers of junk after scanning. I've been having DU Speed Booster installed on my tablet without asking my permission recently. I've switched off a few bits this evening having uninstalled it yet again to see if that resolves the problem but it does lead me to wonder if this is a reasonable product assuming that someone else isn't hiding behind the brand name of a legitimate product.

My old phone came with one clean app manager this app had a privacy section that showed all app permissions and I could turn off the permissions if I wanted is there any app managers now that allow you to turn off app permissions. I have S4 initially it worked smoothly then when it began to lag I installed CM but to tell u the truth it makes your phone lag even more, prompting you to run booster then works well for a while after. Then again Like a vicious cycle. Plus battery started draining even on standby.

That's why while searching for some good app for the task I came across this article and what I gather from the info mentioned in article and the comments below is at least CM is no good. Going for DU but do I have to have both the battery saver and booster or any of them can do the job? I have a couple of these apps installed and I just force close them after I run them then restart my phone. I had clean master in the past I was somewhat satisfied but I would like to know is apus du battery saver or hola is good for me to use in my android phone or is it not.

I Have clean master on my phone and on my tablet, I like both but cm is always popping up with an ad for its own apps, this is a real pain as it has a good few apps and I don't want to fill my phone with them all. But one thing I would like to ask is can I ran both apps on my phone or tablet ie clean master and ? Yeah, CM's self-promoting ads can be a bit obnoxious. You should be able to run both CM and without issue if I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

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As far as I know, they fulfill two separate purposes. The easiest way to tell that CM is more of an ad company and extremely misleading is to run the "anti virus" no matter what device it is installed on and regardless of what your other anti virus programs say. And the only way to "solve" this exploit and prevent all your private info from being sold on the black market while you're asleep is of course to download and run CM's highly praised and sadly actually very good and high scoring actual anti virus app.

Again it's a shame because the launcher and browser etc they make are nice small fast apps, but it's almost like voluntary installation of permanent ads etc. Even the news alerts they provide are great aside from more than half of them sounding like a good vs evil situation happening on your device that can be solved with the instillation of one of the heroic apps from CM. And never overlook what permissions an app requests, comparing similar apps from known companies vs CM makes you very curious why company xyz only needs a few permissions yet somehow CM needs access to damn near your whole phone to do the same thing.

Clean Master for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

I was excited by the seeming potential of CleanMaster when I first came across it. For the first week or so, it was very satisfying to "recapture" all that space and speed. I started getting a lot of "rate this app " requests, so I gave it a good review, which I came to regret. Finally, I just thought, "Hey, what's going on here? Is CleanMaster causing these problems in order to look like it's solving them so dramatically?

I uninstalled CleanMaster and my battery life immediately went back to normal and the other things resolved themselves as well. I don't have the technical knowledge to explain what might have been going on; I just know what I empirically experienced.