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Follow the instructions to purchase a plan, or select May be later if you want to use the apps without a subscription. Note that you get extra features if you use an Office subscription.

Set up Office for iOS

Tap Yes or No to help us improve your Office mobile experience. Tap Turn on Notifications to enable alerts or Not Now to opt out. Tap Create and Edit to start working on your documents. After you sign in, your account is automatically added to the other Office apps installed on your iOS device.

Choose the cloud service that you want to add. Tap the service where your files are located.

Download Microsoft Word for iPad 1.1.3 for iPad

You'll see the files you saved. The files you see are specific to the app you opened them in. For example, if you opened the Word app, you'll only see Word documents. To use the extra features in the apps, you must sign in with the Microsoft account or work or school account that's associated with your qualifying Office subscription. If you have an iPad Pro, you must also have a qualifying plan to do any type of editing on that particular device. Word for iPhone help. Word for iPad Help.

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Excel for iPhone help. Excel for iPad Help. PowerPoint for iPhone Help. Google Docs is easy to use and versatile, especially if you work and collaborate within the Google ecosystem of productivity apps e. The Word app version offers core features and compatibility for document creation and editing. There is an option to subscribe to Microsoft's Office service for a fee that will unlock additional features for all Office apps. This apps supports all essential word processor functions, including, paragraph and character formatting, and images, as well as footnotes and endnotes.

Its keyboard is well-reviewed and includes an extra row of special characters. This app is one of a few that also supports iWorks files as well as GoDocs.

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Apple's own support site has posted documents that quietly acknowledge a number of specific formatting changes that will occur when importing a Mac version of a document created with the iWork '09 versions of Pages , Numbers , or Keynote into its iPad equivalent. More recently, Apple released newer " dumbed down " versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote in an effort to bring more parity between the Mac and iOS versions.

Although this may have been well meaning -- the backlash from consumers was swift and substantial -- and Apple promised to bring back at least some of the features removed or broken by the new release.

Since then, some features have been added back, but the software remains a work in progress. When using any version of Pages, Numbers, or Keynote for the Mac, changes typically are more minor than those converting between Microsoft applications and their Apple equivalent, but some of these changes still are quite significant.

Install and set up Office on an iPhone or iPad

For example, in '09 Pages, "documents using page layout are converted to word processing with text wrap" and in '09 Keynote, "comments are not imported. Depending on the complexity of the document, converting a document using a page layout to something so much simpler could completely destroy it or at least require substantial time to fix it. Likewise, removing the comments in a presentation could range from frustrating to devastating if you were planning to review them prior to your presentation and only then discovered that they were gone.

More recent versions of the iWork apps for the iPad are more compatible with more Mac versions than earlier releases. As Apple makes the applications for both systems, and the company no doubt wants to encourage sales of both Macs and iPads -- or at least encourage migration from the Mac to the iPad -- one certainly would hope that compatibility will continue to improve as long as Apple views Mac compatibility as important for iWork.

Microsoft Office for Free on the iPad

It certainly appears that the company continues to work on this goal. Thankfully, this previously permanent file change issue has been rectified.

Install and set up Office on an iPhone or iPad - Office Support

You now will be "prompted whether you would like to open the original version or to create a copy, and changes made to the content or document layout are listed for your review. Needless to say, not permanently modifying a translated document, particularly if translated poorly, is a major improvement. Anyone interested in using the iPad for document creation -- and not willing to just use Microsoft's official software -- would be wise to create documents directly on the iPad or convert a copy of complex documents to a stable format like PDF after creation on a Mac or Windows PC before sending them to the iPad for display.

As always, keep a backup of a file before attempting to convert between any formats.


It may be of interest, too. When combined with an external keyboard , preparing full documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the iPad is quite feasible.

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If you need to prepare documents for online use or print as well as prepare and even display presentations -- and you don't need a notebook computer for more "heavy lifting" tasks -- it is entirely possible that the iPad could meet all of your mobile computing needs. With the official Microsoft Office for iPad software, when combined with an Office subscription and a physical keyboard , it is simple to read, edit, and create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, generally even in a collaborative environment where documents will be sent back and forth between multiple parties for revision.