Angry birds cheats android 2-21

Why is the bird puzzled see the??? Can you do anything with that? Liek to hear from you. Fire the first bird right over the head of the first two pigs. Do that will all four bird and you should destroy all the pigs. Hope that helps. I love the game I am having trouble with level 2 Any suggestions? It usually takes three of four birds to make this happen.

After it tips to the right, it should be easy. Good luck. I could never get to work after several dozen attempts. Finally, I had used 2 birds and there was a pig left, so I decided to get him for practice. If you blow up enough wood and ice and pigs , you can get enough points using 3 birds. This one takes a few tries, but the most effective way that I have found is to lodge the first bomb between the top three structures.

Ok i got 34, on level and i still got 2 stars?

Episode 2 – Mighty Hoax

Angry Birds level is weird. For starters, at the start of the level, the structure sort of drops down the top levels, causing many of the pieces and the top pig to move. Why is that? I am playing on my Mac Computer via Google Chrome.. Even when I get an incredible score and beat it with one or two birds it sometimes only gives me two or one stars…. Finished all levels. Did I miss something? Also does this unlock other levels? Thanks for any help. You really need to correct that! You might consider consulting a dictionary before making comments of that nature.

Just discovered it today. Hope this helps.

Angry Birds Walkthrough & Cheats – Beat the Evil Pigs Without the Headache!

Good luck gamers! Generally a game is assumed to be for fun but this one is just anoing…no difficulty levels at start,just a big headache beacuse some idiots think we are all gamers…. Which is quite annoying to me.

Episode 1 – Poached Eggs: Learning the Ropes

WHY ME??????????? Fun game though. Love your vids to.

Walkthrough Theme 5 levels 16-21 for Angry Birds

I would really be glad for your advaice. I am stuck on level but i cannot figure out how to break the little guys into 3 parts and beat the level. Can you give me an tips? After you launch your blue bird you tap the screen and he splits into 3 birds.

World 6 Angry Birds Game Walkthrough

You may have to double tap depending on what phone you have. I have cleared all level on al the games with 3 stars I only have 2 stars on Mighty Hoax how do I get the third star? How do I get there? Is it possible to start a whole new game? Thanks for your help. You must first go into the market on your phone and download the game. Then is installs and then you can plan.. I have the same Thunderbolt android. GREAT phone. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Angry Birds Golden Eggs Locations: Andrew Orrell more. Golden Eggs Walkthroughs We will now have a walkthrough of where all the golden eggs can be found on angry birds. First up a nice easy one, pause the game at any point and press the?

Walkthrough & Tips Videos - Angry Birds Star Wars Wiki Guide - IGN

The instruction page with the white bird on it, you will find your first egg here. On the Mighty Hoax Level the egg is located on the right of the screen. To get this you need to fire a yellow bird right up there and then the screen should zoom out and you will see the egg in question. Level , quite simple really, just destroy the beach ball and the egg will appear. Get yourself 3 stars on all poached eggs levels.

When on the main menu press the i button to bring the credits up. Go right to the bottom of the screen and there is your fifth golden egg. On Poached Eggs level simply tap on the treasure chest. This should open it up and reveal another egg, sometimes you have to tap it more than once for this to work. Get 3 stars on all the mighty hoax levels. When you are on the episode selection screen, tap twice on the sun at the bottom of the screen, this will reveal yet another golden egg.

Level on the mighty hoax you need to zoom out and the egg is located on top of the cliff. To get this one you need to shoot a yellow bird up there, pretty easy when you know how. Level on danger above, simply pop the yellow balloon below the treehouse.

Angry Birds 2 Level 21 to 25 - Walkthrough and Cheats

To do this you need to use the boomerang bird and bend it round to come back and pop the balloon, this gives you your tenth golden egg. On the danger above level selection screen you need to pull the screen to right, this will reveal another golden egg. Simply get 3 stars on all the danger above levels. Level of danger above, the egg is hidden under the slingshot platform. To get this you need to bounce a yellow bird of the trampoline and you should get another egg. Level of the big setup, you need to destroy the duck which is located under the bridge.

Click fast! Visit level ; Under the slingshot platform there is a hidden Egg. Bounce a bird off the trampoline to hit it. Visit ; Up on the cliff there is a construction hat, use a Boomerang Bird to knock it down and reveal the egg. Visit ; Use the large Big Brother Bird to bash open the duck statue. Visit ; The Egg is behind the slingshot platform, nail it with a Boomerang Bird. Visit ; Smash the trophy with a Yellow Bird. Visit ; Use a White Bird to cut the rope on the cliff to release the Egg. Known as the Super Bowl egg because of the Super Bowl tie in , it requires some acrobatics with the White Bird that include firing it backwards and straight up.

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